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Kingsoft Office  2010
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Kingsoft Writer 2010 provides rich-features and complete context menus to help you create professional and quality documents.

You can open Microsoft Word files or save your documents as Word files

A built-in Export to PDF feature allows you to convert your documents as PDF files for online distribution.

Organize and present your information in clear and effective ways by using table, graphics or formatting.

Create, manage and resize the tables effortlessly.

    Writer Key Features :

* Unique Features of Table Operation
Kingsoft Writer allows you to manually draw a table easily. Users can adjust the number of table rows and columns by using the keyboard.

* Mail Merge
When handling office businesses, we usually need to edit documents of identical formats and data fields. However, these documents should differ from each other in contents, and be saved as separate documents for different records. Use the Mail Merge function to handle such documents (like emails, pay slips, form letters and mailing labels).

* Integrated Google Search
Kingsoft Writer 2010 includes an integrated Google Search toolbar that provides quick access to unlimited research resources while writing documents.

* Export to PDF Format
All documents created in Kingsoft Writer can be converted to PDF format for quick and easy online distribution.

* Compare Documents Side-by-Side
Users can compare two documents in a screen for their convenience.

* Connect With Clients Easily
Calculations have never been easier. Table calculation is used to calculate data when editing documents, and helps users carry out data statistics and data analysis via simple functions and calculation formulae.

* Fast Table Calculation Tools
Users can open Microsoft Word files or save their documents as Word files. This enables users to open, view and edit various file formats, as well as the latest Word format (.docx) files. Eliminate the communication barrier between you and your client and boost your business effectively.

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